Pancake Drink

A guest blog post by a colleague in Japan who sent me the following a picture she took recently of new drink by Morinaga.  Thanks M.  I wish I was still in Tokyo because I would have also loved to try this very sweet drink.

“I found this drink in a random vending machine in Hiroo and have not seen it anywhere else.  It looked so strange, I had to try it.  It was a cold drink on a very hot day and surprisingly refreshing.  It tastes like it looks.  You would have liked it – it was very sweet.”


TSOJ blogged about this a few weeks ago also in a post titled “Hotcake Shake”.  Anyone else tried this drink?

13 thoughts on “Pancake Drink

  1. I wrote this one up a few weeks ago. There’s no real pancake flavor. It’s more like skim milk with a little maple syrup. I mentioned the hotcake shake to some Japanese co-workers, who didn’t believe such a thing existed, and blew their minds when I brought a can in to show them.

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  5. I also bought a can of this from a vending machine in Hiroo/Roppongi (on the street between the Grand Hyatt and National Azabu.) It is the greatest milk drink I have ever tasted. I call it McGriddle in a can.

  6. My son is stationed in Japan and leaving in a few months, and I told him to make sure he buys a few cases for me. I loved it when I visited. Also, loved the cantaloupe pound cake from Seven 11. 🙂

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