Summer Drinks

Another guest blog post by a work colleague in Japan (see previous blog post here about the Pancake Drink) who sent me the following the following pictures she took recently of a couple of new drinks available last summer in Japan.  Thanks again M.  

“I have tried and liked other brands of melon soda (Fanta, Suntory), so I didn’t purchase this brand initially.  Then, last week, they moved to the 50% off counter at AMPM – so I bought one.  Absolutely disgusting – might be the worst drink ever.  Now I know why so many of them remained to be placed on the 50% off counter and why they are still sitting on the 50% off counter a week later.”


“This drink will interest you.  It has the normal Calpis flavor but is a less sweet because it is more yogurty and thicker in texture and flavor.  But, quite yummy still.”


Yup, I am sure I would have also loved the new Calpis drink, which is my favorite.


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