Photo of the Day: Fukuro Matsuri

A picture of Yosakoi dance team taking during the Fukuro Matsuri held in the streets of Ikebukuro in 2009.


Photo of the Day: Chateau Joel Robuchon

Contrasting day and night pictures of the distinctive Chateau Joel Robuchon restaurant located in Ebisu which is one of the best French restaurants with a 3 star Michelin rating.




Below is a picture of the sign for a Japanese restaurant in Toronto called Konnichiwa, which is the name of this blog. The restaurant is located on 31 Baldwin Street in downtown Toronto. Unfortunately, it was closed at the time (I think it was a Sunday afternoon) so we did not get a chance to eat there.


This picture was taken using my Blackberry Bold smartphone camera.

Photo of the Day: Halloween Costumes

A few pictures of some of the wonderful costumes taken during the popular Kawasaki Halloween Parade in 2009.




This year, the Kawasaki Halloween parade was held last weekend and the picture below is courtesy of AP from Japan Today.


Photo of the Day: Kanda Matsuri

Maidens dressed in traditional clothing walking along the streets of Akihabara during the procession at Kanda Myojin Omikoshi Togyo held in 2009.


Photo of the Day: Green Peas Pachinko

One of the best known pachinko parlors in Tokyo is Green Peas in Shinjuku shown below in bright lights – it is hard to miss with its distinctive green building.


Photo of the Day: Koenji Awa Odori

A picture of Awa Odori dancers taken during the Koenji Awa Odori in 2009.


Japan In The News: Softbank Acquires Sprint Nextel

Japanese mobile carrier Softbank Corp has just officially announced to buy about 70% Sprint Nextel Corp, the third largest mobile carrier in the US, for $20.1 billion. See the news article from Reuters and others for all the details.


While living in Japan, we used Softbank as our mobile carrier (only voice, no data). When we came back to visit Tokyo last Christmas, we also used Softbank as our cell phone rental company.

Photo of the Day: Elders Meeting

Elders meeting at the one of the breaks along the streets of Akihabara during the 2009 Kanda Myojin Omikoshi Togyo held in Tokyo.