Maiko Haaaan!!!

Maiko Haaaan!!! is a 2007 Japanese comedy directed by Nobuo Mizuta.

Maiko Haaaan

The story is about a regular salaryman named Kimihiko Onizuka (played by Sadao Abe) who is infatuated with maikos (apprentice geisha) and whose greatest goal in life is to play a party game called “yakyuken”.  He gets his chance when he is transferred to his company’s Kyoto branch and finally gets to visit a real geisha house. He gets into a battle with his rival, a professional basestar star name Kiichiro Naito and they try to outdo each other in baseball, K-1, cooking, acting and even politics. A further plot twist is when his former co-worker girlfriend becomes a maiko. Did you get all that?

It is a very funny and entertaining film, which sometimes break out into a musical.

3 thoughts on “Maiko Haaaan!!!

    • Yes, our whole family likes to watch Japanese films but haven’t watched Quill.

      What about you – do you like watching Japanese movies?

      • Yes. I live in Japan so I watch many Japanese movies and TV shows.

        I’ve never seen one with English dubbing or subtitles…sometimes I wonder how the “very Japanese” things in many of the movies get translated.

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