After Dark

After Dark is a short novel (novella) by Japanese author Haruki Murakami originally published in 2004 in Japan. There has been a number of translations into several languages between 2006-09. Below are a few non-Japanese book covers.

After Dark - US new After Dark - Cover

This short story is set in central Tokyo during one night (after midnight to before sunrise) and each chapter has an analog clock depicting the time. Characters include Mari, a young student spending the night reading at Denny’s (where the story opens) and her beautiful sister Eri, who has strangely gone into deep sleep (but not a coma) for the past 2 months, Takahashi, a trombone-playing student who has knows Eri, Korogi, a former female wrestler who is now managing a love hotel called Alphaville and Shirakawa, a salaryman working overnight who beat up a Chinese prostitute at the same love hotel.

After Dark - Large Print After Dark - UK

Yup, that is a strange collection of characters indeed, with their connections and some weird activities.

Previous books that I have read by Haruki Murakami include 1Q84, Sputnik Sweetheart and Norwegian Wood.

7 thoughts on “After Dark

  1. Yes yes! Did I say I read this book too? Very interesting! A friend lent it to me when we were in Japan, and when we met again a few months later in NYC I finally read it on the plane and then gave it back to her. 🙂 It was an easy read, but thrilling!!

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