Sputnik Sweetheart

A few months ago, I read Haruki Murakami’s latest bestseller titled 1Q84. The next Murakami book I just finished reading is Sputnik Sweetheart, published in 1999 in Japan and translated to English in 2001.


The narrator of the story is only known as “K”, who is a 25 year old elementary school teacher who is in love with the novel’s main character, an aspiring writer named Sumire. At a wedding, Sumire meets an ethnic Korean woman, Miu. The two strike up a conversation and Sumire starts to work for the older, married woman. One day, Miu asks that Sumire accompany her on a business trip to France and a vacation on a Greek Island where Sumire falls in love with Miu. After several days, Sumire disappears and Miu asks “K” to fly to Greece to help look for Sumire.

This is a much shorter book than 1Q84 and I found the ending quite abrupt (which I won’t spoil here). Anyway, just like 1Q84, I enjoyed this Murakami book as well.

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