Mobile Phones

In Canada, my whole family uses mobile phones as pictured below – it’s an iPhone free zone :-). Blackberry is manufactured by a Canadian company called Research in Motion (RIM).


While living in Japan, we signed up and used mobile phones (keitai) from Softbank, one the largest mobile carriers in Japan.


On our recent return visit to Tokyo, we brought our old Softbank phones with us and just rented a SIM card from Softbank. Cost was 105 yen per day for the SIM card and 105 yen per minute (outgoing only, incoming calls are free) local calls and 15 yen (outgoing only, incoming texts are free) per text. There was a Softbank rental counter in the International Arrival  terminal at Narita to pickup and return the SIM cards, pre-booked via the internet.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Phones

    • Blackberry phones seem to continue to be dominant in the corporate world, but not sure how long that will be with both iPhones and Android phone dominating the market.

  1. The only country I’ve ever used a cell-phone in is Japan…so I’ve only ever used DoCoMo.
    I don’t like Softbank because they’ve changed owners / names a number of times…they were “J-Phone”, then “Vodafone” and now “Softbank”.

    DoCoMo sells the “Blackberry” but I didn’t like the keyboard layout (and it doesn’t have a Japanese keyboard!)
    I have a Android smart-phone made by Sony for DoCoMo.

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