My Darling is a Foreigner

My Darling is a Foreigner (Darling wa Gaikokujin) is a funny manga that was written in 2002 by Saori Oguri about a Japanese manga artist named Saori (autobiographical) married to an American journalist named Tony. This manga was made into a Japanese movie last year (April 2010 release) starring Mao Inoue and Jonathan Sherr.

My Darling is a Foreigner

This movie was just shown at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. I have not read the manga so I don’t know how close the movie adaptation is. The movie location is mainly in Japan (Tokyo), though one of the scenes was in the US when Saori meets Tony’s parents in his hometown. It is a light hearted comedy. Not a great movie (has received generally bad reviews), but it is watchable with a few funny moments. Don’t expect an Academy Award film.

Have you seen this movie? If yes, what did you think of it?


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