Photo of the Day: Stone Bridge

This bridge is called Engetsu-kyo (Stone Bridge) or full moon bridge in the Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens in Tokyo because a full moon is formed by joining the figure of this bridge to its reflection on the water. This picture was taken in the fall – there were lots of fallen leaves, so no reflection was visible.



Please visit this week’s issue (#28) of Show Me Japan hosted by Anna at


8 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Stone Bridge

  1. What? You mean you didn’t go there in the middle of the night, cleaned the leaves off the water’s surface and photographed the reflection? You’re such a slacker! 😉

  2. Without even reading what you said, I looked at the pictures and thought it must be the bridge in Koishikawa Korakuen. Then I read what you said, and I was right. I remember this bridge.

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