JR Yamanote Line

Originated in 1885, the JR Yamanote Line is one of Tokyo’s busiest and most important commuter rail lines, connecting most of Tokyo’s major stations and urban center.


Running as a loop line around central Tokyo, a complete loop takes about an hour, with each of its 29 stations having a distinctive arrival and departure tones.


Below is a YouTube video of the entire Yamanote loop sped up 10x – cool!

Of course, I have ridden the Yamanote Line many times while living in Tokyo, but have not yet visited all stations yet so this is a good reason to go back to Tokyo.

6 thoughts on “JR Yamanote Line

  1. I have visited all stations because I had lived in Tokyo.
    All stations are very crowded and energetic.
    It is interesting that train wrap advertising

  2. I used to live in Takadanobaba and worked in Gotunda, and I tried exploring the areas around each station. There’s not a whole lot of interest at the smaller stations, such as at the southwest and northeast sections of the loop (i.e. – Nippori, Okubo and Kanda). Unless you like drinking or pachinko, which you can find anywhere.

  3. Takadanobaba is near Waseda University, so it has something of an off-campus lifestyle. Lots of bars, izakaya, karaoke and shops. Because Osamu Tezuka said that Astro Boy was built there, there’s a big Tezuka mural under the tracks, and the platform plays the “Tetsuwan Atomu” TV anime theme music. There are some banners on the streets west of the station containing Tezuka character images. For me, the main attraction was Mickey House, a conversation lounge where English teachers would gather for cheap beer and Japanese adults would come in for English conversation practice.

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