Japan in the News: Largest Earthquake in Japan’s History

There is a lot of coverage in the news of the largest earthquake ever to hit in Japan, and 7th largest recorded in history at 8.9. Also, lots of photos and videos coming out, below is one showing the damage courtesy of AP Photo/Kyodo News.


A few Tokyo bloggers who I follow have also just written about this terrible event:

I hope both Eric In Sendai and Sixmats are safe, as Sendai seemed to have been particularly hit hard.

Our family was supposed to be in Tokyo already for a 10 day visit but had to cancel last minute due to work commitments. Wow! My thoughts and prayers to those who died and are still missing.


9 thoughts on “Japan in the News: Largest Earthquake in Japan’s History

  1. Tokyo’s had some fires, but nothing around the Kanagawa area that I know of. We escaped most of the damage, but we still had books and dishes thrown to the floor. Going to take a while to clean everything up. Aftershocks until at least 4:30 AM. Doesn’t seem that trains are running yet at 7 AM, so no idea if/when I can get into the office to teach online lessons today. Obviously, a lot of students are going to want to cancel, but there will still be a few that want the lesson anyway. Not going to happen if I can’t get into Akihabara, though.

    Hope everyone else remains safe.

      • Thanks.
        Update: Tokyo’s mostly back to normal and trains are running. But, my office has decided to remain closed until further notice (maybe until Tuesday) because of the aftershocks (which are still coming every couple of hours) and the possibility of blackouts in central Tokyo. So, I can get to the office, but there’s no point to it.

  2. No damage around where I live in Fujisawa. We were told not to come in to work this morning. All schools in Kanto and Tohoku are closed for today, but are open tomorrow. It mostly has to do with the fact that many trains were still not running this morning and there are many places without electricity, with likely blackouts this evening as power usage surpasses the capacity. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for everyone in Sendai. The shaking was violent enough in Yokohama!

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