This blog post features several pictures of paths taken around Tokyo and the surrounding area. This first picture was taken in one of Tokyo’s largest cemeteries, Aoyama Reien, in the spring during cherry blossom season.


Another pathway inside the Taiyuin-Mausoleum in Nikko.


These next two pictures were taken at Heirinji Shrine in the fall.



Finally, a wooden pathway between the buildings inside the Shiseikan Budojo (martial arts training hall) at Meiji Jingu (shrine) in Tokyo.


Please visit this week’s issue (#10) of Show Me Japan by the good peeps at



10 thoughts on “Paths

  1. Great series of paths. I assume the one at Taiyuin is off-limit. I have the photo taken with the same angle and the same position:)
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks … I guess I take similar pictures as others, you are the second one who said you had a similar picture of one of the pictures in this post. I like the Taiyuin photo because of the splash of red with everything else grey, brown and green.

  2. Nice photo. I like Heirinji Shrine too.The red and yellow leaves are awesome.Many photographers takes photo there. I can go to this Shirine from my house in about 40 minutes.

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