Japanese Canadian Cultural Center

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Center (JCCC) is a gathering place in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for the Japanese Canadian community and those of non-Japanese ancestry who have an interest in Japanese culture.


The mission of the center is to build “a spirit of co-operation and harmony among people of different cultures by coordinating community events and programs with other ethnic organizations.”


Conveniently located in mid-town Toronto (Don Valley Parkway and Eglinton Avenue), JCCC was recently renovated by the architectural firm Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects.



The JCCC offers a wide variety of Japanese cultural programs and experiences for its 3,500 members, almost half of who are of non-Japanese ancestry, and approximately 35 percent who are seniors.




The JCCC showcases the creative energy and dedication of many talented artisans, musicians, dancers and martial arts practitioners.  On the second floor, you will find a number of meeting rooms …


… while on the main floor, there are two martial arts courts for aikido, kendo, etc.


The Kobayashi Hall is the JCCC’s 6,500 square foot performance hall opened in 2004 and seats 450 people. The Hall is a multifunctional space and has been designed to accommodate music concerts, festivals and traditional community events, business conferences, weddings, banquets, martial arts tournaments, theatrical performances and film festivals.



The Gendai Gallery is a not-for-profit exhibition space committed to exhibiting contemporary art and design.


Also located in the first floor is the Japanese Information Center which includes a library …



… and a number of models on display.





Outside, you will find a small Japanese garden.



Finally, on your way out, you can purchase some Japanese goods in the gift shop near the reception area.


21 thoughts on “Japanese Canadian Cultural Center

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  9. Huh! I had no idea that this existed. As a Canadian it is my duty to go check it out next time I’m in Tokyo. 🙂

    I’ve heard that the Canadian Embassy is a pretty nice place too.

    • Thanks for the comment. JCCC is located in Toronto, not Tokyo 🙂 Yes, the I heard that the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo is quite nice (for some reason, I did not visit there while I lived in Tokyo for 2 1/2 years).

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