Indian Food in Roppongi

There are several Indian restaurants in Roppongi, which is home to many foreign embassies. Our favorite Indian restaurant is called Samrat. 



They had a great meal set for just under 1,000 yen ($10), with all the naan bread (which my son loves) you can eat.  The staff remembered what we always ordered and always brought extra naan to my son – great service!



2 thoughts on “Indian Food in Roppongi

  1. You can find any type of food you want in Tokyo…and always prepared perfectly!
    One of the many great things about living here.

    BTW, since you’re back in Canada, I think you should do some posts about the city you live in now. Introduce Canada.
    I grew up in America…but in the southern U.S. so I don’t know much about that country.

    • Thanks for commenting … yes, I agree, you can find any type of food in Tokyo, one of the advantages of living in a big, metropolitan city.

      I still have several posts to go about our experiences in living in Japan, then I probably will start to write about Canada. For example, we regularly visit the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center here in Toronto so I plan to write about this facility – it is very nice.

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