Kiyosumi Teien Garden

Located in Tokyo’s Koto ward, the Kiyosumi Teien Garden is a Japanese style garden set out in the sukiya style (a pond inhabited by birds and with three small islands).



Near the garden entrance is the Taisho Kinenkan, a memorial hall of Emperor Taisho, which played a part in the funeral of the Emperor Taisho. It was rebuilt in 1992.


The land is said to originally have been part of the property of an Edo period (1603-1868) merchant which was then bought by a founder of the Mitsubishi group, Yataro Iwasaki. In 1878 Iwasaki developed it into a garden for entertaining guests and favored employees, importing 55 massive stones from all over Japan for the landscaping.


Mitsubishi donated it to Tokyo in 1932, in which year it was opened to the public. It became one of Tokyo’s official Scenic Beauty Spots in 1979.


It features a teahouse styled Ryotei, a traditional Japanese restaurant, in the middle of a large artificial pond.



You will find several stone bridges and stepping stone paths set in the water called isowatari.




The flora of the gardens is at least as diverse as the fauna, and includes cherry trees, plum trees, black pines, hydrangeas, irises, azaleas, daphnes, camelias, and more.





This beautifully manicured garden is inhabited by a multitude of various species of birdlife, huge multicolored carp, and turtles.




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