Although there are convenience stores in Canada, it really doesn’t compare to the konbinis in Japan, both in the number of stores and the variety of goods sold.  Konbinis are just, well, convenient.  I really do miss konbinis so this blog post is a photo collection of konbinis in Tokyo.



Family Mart




Am Pm




Daily Yamazaki


Circle K






Which one is your favorite?  Do you have the same convenience stores in your country?

14 thoughts on “Konbini

  1. We don’t have these in my country Slovenia, but in Taiwan they have Family Mart and 7-11 and I usually got my drinks there every day, especially the latte they make. I love these stores. They’re on every corner in Taiwan’s cities 🙂

  2. My No.1 fave would be Family Mart. No real reasons why, probably cos I always managed to find one near me when I need a konbini. But I have to say their oden is the best amongst all the konbini.

    No.2 is Lawson but I find their service people somewhat cold.

    I have only 7-11 back home. And they are nowhere close to what you can find in a Japanese konbini. Their motto is probably “what you want you ain’t getting it here”.

    • I think Family Mart, Lawson and 7-11 (maybe Am Pm also) have probably the most stores in Japan? Yes, convenience stores in the West are quite different from Japanese konbinis.

  3. In my country we have a lot of small convenience stores. The most popular ones are 7-11 and Ministop. There are a lot of mom and pop groceries too. 7-11 and Ministop are convenient since they’re open 24/7 and will have most of the items you may need but their prices are higher than if you shop in a department store. So, they’re just really an alternative for when regular stores are closed. 🙂

  4. Only 7-11 in Edmonton. But I’m sure you already know that, considering we’re both from Canada.

    I usually go to 7-11, since it’s closest to my apartment. The staff there know me pretty well. I like the fried chicken at Sunkus and Family Mart more than 7-11, though. Family Mart and 7-11 keep their hot foods next to the registered well stocked, but Sunkus doesn’t. Sometimes I go to Ministop if I want a little variety. They have some snack foods that the others don’t.

    • I don’t actually go to any convenience stores in Canada – probably because 1) there are few of them, 2) they don’t have a lot of stuff and 3) if you can drive, you can go further.

      • I rarely went to convenience stores in Canada, because they aren’t convenient at all. However, when I was a kid, we had this convenience store called the Red Rooster (I believe it’s just called Red now) in my town. I always went there with my friends to buy candy and slushes. I miss slushes! I wish 7-11 in Japan had Slurpies. They would be so good this time of year!

  5. I like different things from different stores! Lawson is closest to me, and generally the cleanest, so it’s usually my first choice. 7-Eleven is a solid choice, and usually second. AMPM has great hot food, but there aren’t any near me. Mini-Stop generally has the best desserts, but I have to bike across town for it. It’s complicated business!

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  8. In peru we dont have combinis :(, just small stores that we call ”bodegas” :). It’s like a small very mall convenience store
    2016 XD

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