Back in Canada

Our family has returned to our home in Canada after over 2.5 years living in Tokyo, Japan.  We had a direct 12 hour flight from Narita to Pearson International Airport in Toronto.  We are re-adjusting from an exciting city life in a small apartment to a more boring suburban life in a larger house.

I will continue to post in this blog as we plan to visit Japan as often as we can in the future.  As well, I took a lot of pictures during our stay these past 2.5 years so there are still lots for me to post about our excellent adventure in Japan.  So please keep reading!

One of the first of many todos was to re-activate our Internet connectivity at home.  I signed up with Rogers, a large telecommunications company in Canada providing consumer services such as broadband Internet, digital cable TV, home and mobile phones.


Unfortunately, they will need to send a technical to activate our Internet connection so it will take a few more days.  So in the meantime, I am using dial up through our phone lines – talk about retro, it feels like I am in the middle ages!


Also, the Internet services in Canada seemed to have changed – for the worse.  There is now a monthly download limit and the prices have increased also.  I selected a plan called “Extreme” with download speeds limited to up to 10 Mbps with a 95 GB monthly usage for C$60 (5,000 yen) per month (additional charge of $1.50/GB over this limit – ouch!).


I already miss Japan with its blazingly fast speeds (#1 in the world) and no limits.


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