Goodbye Japan

This is our last day in Japan as we are about to take the Limousine Bus from our hotel to Narita airport.  It has been a memorable 2.5+ years, my excellent Japanese adventure as this blog’s tagline says.


I will miss many things and I have been following the blog called 1000 Things About Japan (…that I will and won’t miss when I eventually leave) – see the sidebar in my blogroll.  Not sure about 1000 things, but a few come to the top of my mind:

  • Konbinis (convenience store)
  • Vending machines
  • Festivals
  • Washlets
  • Cherry blossoms (sakura)
  • Subways and trains
  • … and many much more



8 thoughts on “Goodbye Japan

  1. By “washlet”, do you mean the Japanese toilets with controls for bidets, etc?

    I don’t really care for the bidet function…but I like the heated seat in winter!

    On your list, you didn’t mention the food / service in Japan.
    I think it’s the best in the world.

    What won’t you miss in Tokyo?

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  3. It’s so sad that you are leaving Japan as I like your writing about Japanese stuff. Whenever I wanted to know about Japanese cultual events, I seached it here and you wrote about it with no exception!!
    Such a good blog:)
    Hope you had a good time in Japan and come back here some day.

  4. Thank you all for the very nice comments … I thought it was only my Mom reading my blog 🙂

    Anyway, I do intend to continue to blog about Japan as I took lots of pictures during almost 3 years living there and there are still lots of topics of write about. Plus, we plan to return to Japan to visit as often as we can.

    So please keep reading. Much thanks again.

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