An izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking place which also serves finger food to accompany the drinks.  These are popular for after work drinking social events.


Some izakayas offer traditional Japanese style seating in tatami mats, while other have Western style seating in tables and chairs.  Note:  Some of the pictures in this blog post were taken from my crappy mobile phone camera.



Most common type of izakaya is all you can drink for a specified time (usually 2 hours) serving beer, sake, shōchū, wine, whiskey, mixed drink (usually sour mix such as lemon sour, grapefruit sour) and non-alcoholic drinks (cola, juice, etc.).


Izakaya10 Izakaya09

Typical food served include yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), sashimi, tofu, nabe etc. or western type food like pizza, chicken wings, salad, etc.





Prices vary and are typically between 3,000 yen to 6,000 yen or more ($30-$60+) per person.  Have you been in an izakaya before?  If yes, did you enjoy it?

9 thoughts on “Izakaya

  1. I live in Japan, therefore I’ve been to them many times. 5 days ago, I was at one in Kawasaki. That one was quite reasonable, only 2,000 yen. I even ate some shark karaage. It was very good 🙂 I’ll be at one on July 3rd for a school party.

    My first weekend in Japan more than 5 years ago, I was introduced to izakayas.

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