Asahi Green Cola

Well, it is summer in Tokyo and that means new flavored drinks again.  Previously, I blogged about the new Pepsi Baobab and Mango Calpis drinks.  Another new drink that has recently hit the conbini (convenience store) shelves is a drink called Green Cola by Asahi.


Well, it is not green colored, but a brownish color like regular cola.  It is not bad, but not great either – Coke or Pepsi both taste much better.  Mike’s Blender also wrote a review about this new drink a few days ago and he wrote that “there is something about that is a bit off.”.  That’s a good description.

So, what’s the next drink on the menu?

4 thoughts on “Asahi Green Cola

  1. You beat me to this. 😉 I’ve already written up the description of Green Cola, just haven’t put it into the rotation of blog entries to be posted yet. The “off flavor” is grape and lemon juice used for sweetener. There’s only 1% fruit juice in it, and 0% calories, so I question just how “all natural” it is…

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