Pepsi Baobab

Last year, I tried both the Pepsi Azuki and Pepsi Shiso drinks.  Well, the latest Pepsi drink called Pepsi Baobab. has just hit the konbini (convenience stores) and supermarkets shelves in Tokyo.

Pepsi Baobab

What the heck is a baobab?  According to Wikipedia, it is a species of a tree found in Africa, Madagascar and Austalia, more commonly known as Adansonia.  The picture below from Wikipedia is the strange looking fruit of a baobab tree.


Just like the Pepsi Shiso, I didn’t really like it.  It has a taste that is hard to describe – maybe this is what a tree tastes like?  At least the bottle has a very nice colorful Pepsi label.  Nope, not buying it again.

8 thoughts on “Pepsi Baobab

  1. Does anyone drink the original Pepsi in Japan? 🙂 They seem pretty experimental in Japan with Pepsi…what about Coke…do they do similar things?

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