The Wired Look

Several bloggers including Sixmats (he started this), In Sendai and Jay Dee in Japan have recently posted pictures of overhead wires in Tokyo so I thought I would contribute to this meme.  This first picture was taken in Harajuku and the second picture is from Akihabara.



10 thoughts on “The Wired Look

  1. Wow! Those are spectacular pics of high-tension wires. I didn’t realize they were developing into a bona fide meme. I’ve been taking pics of power lines now and then for years, they seem majestic and inspiring to me, not sure why. Catenary shapes perhaps?

    I highly recommend Hoover Dam for stunning vistas of power lines and the American West. I went there for vacation in 2008 and took lots of power lines. Maybe I should post them on my blog….

    Thanks for a good idea!

    • Great pictures in your blog post – I had forgotten all about them.

      Also, this reminds me to visit Soshigaya-Okura one of these weekends soon. I am not an Ultraman fan, but your description of the area sounds interesting. Thank you!

      • Thanks.
        Soshigaya-Okura isn’t really all that outstanding in terms of the Ultraman attractions, and you do have to do some walking to find them all, but it is the closest place to me that has a Kaldi’s store and I go there once a week just for the free coffee samples.

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