Tokyo Hamburgers Joints

Western fast food chains are very popular in Japan, with McDonald’s as the number one food provider.


Wendy’s recently left Japan (end of 2009), while Burger King has returned a few years ago.  There are a number of Tokyo (Japan) local hamburger places to give you a number of other options.

Lotteria is one of the oldest fast food chain with its bright yellow and orange signage (hmm, do the colors seem familiar?)


First Kitchen is also often abbreviated by locals to "Fakkin”.


MOS Burger is the largest native fast food chain and is a popular favorite with locals and tourists alike.  MOS is an acronym for "Mountains Ocean Sun."


R Burger in Roppongi offer Chinese style steam buns.


The Pantry by Homework’s is a gourmet burger place, and is our favorite with a joint near our apartment (so convenient).


Freshness Burger is known for its buns baked on-site and no frozen ingredients allowed.


There are still many others.  Which one is your favorite?


8 thoughts on “Tokyo Hamburgers Joints

  1. For hamburgers, I tend to eat McDonald’s the most, because it’s everywhere. But I’ll occasionally have TGI Friday’s. I found a somewhat nearby Burger King, and I want to go there, because you can customize the burger. I also like Kua’Aina, a Hawaiian burger chain.

  2. I like MOS, and sometimes Freshness, but I don’t like the prices they charge. I avoid McDonald’s because I don’t think they’re very good, but occasionally I’ll break down and get 2-3 hamburgers off their 100 yen menu. Generally, though, I’ve stopped eating hamburgers (unless there’s a specific ad campaign I want to review on TSOJ). Except that once in a while I’ll go to Kinokuniya in Shinjuku and I’ll stop at First Kitchen if I’m hungry and have some spare time.

    • Actually, we (my wife and I) don’t like MOS and First Kitchen but do like McDonald’s in Japan for some strange reason. We do also order from their 100 yen menu (cheap!).

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