Instant Coffee

Tokyo5 recently wrote about the new Starbucks instant coffee called Via now available in Japan.  A colleague at work whose son works at Starbucks Japan recently gave me a box so I was able to try it.  Taste was good, but I would not buy it because it is quite expensive at 100 yen per serving (pack).


I normally drink Maxim instant coffee at home on weekends.  Maxim is a Korean brand and it includes both cream and sugar in the package.  I have been drinking this for several years now in Toronto and we are able to find the same brand in Tokyo in Shinokubo (home of Korean town), near Shinjuku.  Much cheaper than Starbucks Via per package – we bought a bag of 100 packages for about 1.500 yen (15 yen or 15 cents per serving).


Another colleague at work gave me a box of a Japanese brand dripbag instant coffee.  Cool, no need for a coffee maker any longer (I don’t have one anyway).


I am not very picky with coffee since I put lots of milk and sugar in my cuppa Joe.


One thought on “Instant Coffee

  1. Thanks for the link.

    Personally I don’t like Starbucks because it’s expensive (as you mentioned)…and I don’t like sweet drinks.

    I prefer my coffee with just a little sugar and milk.

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