Meijiza Theater

Last weekend, my wife and I attended a show at the Meijiza Theater in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.



This theater opened in 1873 and was converted into a modern one, equipped with the latest technology in 1993 with over 1,350 seats.



It was a 2 part show, the star was Taichi Saotome, a young man who gained some fame dressed and dancing as an onnagata.  Part 1 was a play with some singing and a lot of sword fighting, while Part 2 was a dance musical.

brochure1 brochure2

Below is a video from YouTube with an amazing performance by Taichi Saotome, yup that’s a man!

3 thoughts on “Meijiza Theater

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    • Hi Sara, looks like you are traveling to Japan for another visit in a few days … have a great trip, I’m sure you’ll have fun. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’ll follow your visit here through your blog.

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