Tokyo Sky Tree

Although still under construction (only about halfway completed, but already attracting a lot of tourists and visitors), the Tokyo Sky Tree has been in the news recently as it has surpassed the Tokyo Tower as the tallest structure in Japan.  Tokyo5 recently wrote about this milestone on his blog.


Construction of the tower is scheduled to be completed by December 2011 at a record height of 634 meters.


It is being built along the Sumida River, near Asakusa, where all of these pictures were taken.


A nice reflection from the golden Asahi Breweries office building.



The Tokyo Sky Tree rises majestically above the cherry trees of the Ushima Shrine.




17 thoughts on “Tokyo Sky Tree

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    • It’ll be taller than Taipei 101 by a large amount, but the two things can’t be compared, as bartman said. It’s better to compare it with CN Tower in Toronto, which is the current world’s tallest tower. Sky Tree will surpass the CN Tower.

  2. Tokyo Sky Tree is now the tallest structure in Japan. It surpassed Tokyo Tower! And for sure, it is soon to be destroyed by next Godzilla! I still remember Tokyo Tower being ruined in movies and mangas… Anyways, I don’t like the name they picked for this tower since it doesn’t look like tree!

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