Roppongi Art Night 2010

Last weekend on March 27-28, the hugely successful Roppongi Art Night was held as the town came alive with art and creativity.  Artworks were found throughout the town, transforming it into a living open-air museum.


The main attraction this year was a 13 meter high giant monster inhabiting the Roppongi Hills Arena.  Created by artist Tsubaki Noboru and called “Before Flower”, this was conceived as a kind of expression of thanks to gymnosperm plants such as conifers and Gingko trees.



A large flower suddenly appears in the Mohri Garden in Roppongi Hills.  Created by Korean artist Jeong Hwa Choi, the work is a lotus flower, and with its giant size and garish colors it stands out so much as to transform the landscape.



In Aurora by Takefumi Ichikawa, a large semi-transparent fabric is hung from the ceiling. With colors painted on both sides, it resembles an aurora as it gently sways above viewers’ heads.



Garden is an interactive exhibit created by Kohei Asano, where people scatter paper snow flakes.  Young leaves sprout from the flower bed, the buds grow and, eventually, bloom.  As more people participate in the work, even more colorful flowers bloom, and then wither.


Hand from Above by Chris O’Shea is a screen where a giant hand suddenly appears on a screen, grabbing at, tickling, and metamorphosing the real-time video images of people who are walking through the streets.


For last year’s event, read Roppongi Art Night 2009.

3 thoughts on “Roppongi Art Night 2010

  1. I was thinking originally that I wouldn’t bother with anything that had “art” in the name. But this one looks like it could have been fun to go to.

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