Tokyo Midtown Cake

Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary with a giant cake as part of its 2010 Midtown Blossom event.



The strawberry shortcake is an art object measuring 5.8 meters long, 7.3 meters wide, and 6 meters tall, made up and covered with sponge material.




Called “Smile Cake, Happy Cake”, a giant fork lies beside it.


8 thoughts on “Tokyo Midtown Cake

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  3. Oh, com’n Japanese.
    You could done much better.
    We have seen the funny news of
    largest ever Pizza, pancake, etc etc.
    This cake is not even edible as its a plastic
    Japan has THAT notorious food sample
    looks almost real, but a wax work, in
    every restaurant’s window ——-
    This project is too poor, lack of creative

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