Kabuki-za Theater Ginza

The Kabuki-za Theater in Ginza is the main theater in Tokyo for the traditional kabuki shows.  Rebuilt several times due to fire and earthquakes, the wooden structure was built originally in 1889.


This historic theater will close its doors at the end of April 2010 and a new and modern complex will be rebuilt to reopen in three years.


A series of farewell performances titled Kabuki-za Sayonara Kōen is being from January through April 2010.


We recently saw one short act (15 minutes only) titled Sanmon Gosan No Kiri, as we bought same day, standing room tickets on the 4th floor for 800 yen (US$8).  No pictures are allowed during the show.


The description of the act from the website:

Though short, this play is one of the most visually spectacular in kabuki. The famous villain Ishikawa Goemon enjoys a sea of cherry blossoms while sitting on top the large gate of Nanzen-ji Temple. His enjoyment of the scene is cut short, though, but the appearance below of his arch-nemesis, the general Hisayoshi.


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    • Lots of places to visit in Tokyo, such as:

      Meiji Shrine/Harajuku, Odaiba, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Tsukiji fish market, Akihabara (Electric Town), Tokyo Disney, Tokyo Edo Museum, watch Sumo wrestling, watch a baseball game at Tokyo Dome (Tokyo Dome City is also an amusement park and shopping center), Yokohama.

      There are lots of festivals in Tokyo (and throughout Japan) during the summer, see https://bartman905.wordpress.com/2010/01/02/year-in-review-festivals/.

      Comiket and WonderFest are also held in the summer in Tokyo.

      Outside Tokyo (can be a day trip): Kamakura, Nikko, Mount Takao, Hakone, Saitama, Kawagoe.

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