Oh Canada

The final gold medal in the 21st Olympic Winter Games was awarded to Canada as its men’s ice hockey team defeated the US team 3-2 in overtime, in a thrilling game.  Canada also won the gold medal in women’s ice hockey several days ago.


As ice hockey is Canada’s national sport, it seemed appropriate that this gold medal broke an Olympic record – 14 is the most gold medals won by any country in a Olympics Winter Games.  Historic!


What is incredible about this record is that in the two previous Olympic games hosted on its own soil (Montreal in 1976 and Calgary in 1988), Canada failed to win any gold medals.  Congratulations to all the Canadian men and women who competed in these winter games, and of course, to the fair city of Vancouver for hosting such an successful event.


Many Canadians are very proud of their country today, as I am.  I have read many Twitter and Facebook status updates already.  Oh Canada!

4 thoughts on “Oh Canada

  1. Congrats on the wins.

    None of the sports I wanted to watch (luge, bobsled, snowboard) got the amount of coverage I would have liked. The sports that were covered more weren’t ones I cared about (definitely didn’t need to see 20+ hours of curling, at any rate).

    Apparently the U.S. TV coverage by NBC was an absolute joke. Complaints coming out now that they just stopped talking about the games near the end, with no recaps, events highlights or athelete backstories. Very unlike Japan’s post-Games show yesterday.

    • Thanks for the comments. Apparently, curling’s popularity has increased worldwide. Curling is quite popular in Canada also (got Silver and Gold in women and men).

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