MIFA International Exchange Festival

The 5th annual MITA (Meguro International Friendship Association) was held last weekend from February 20-21, 2010 in Meguro, Tokyo.

brochure MIFA-000

The festival was held in the Meguro Kumin Campus, which used to be a school.



Inside, there were several booths selling international foods and goods.


As well, there were many performances locally and from different countries, both old and new (hip hop).





The highlight of the festival for us was my wife making her Nihon Buyo debut with her teacher (sensei), who we watched at the National Theater of Japan a 1.5 years ago.


Below are pictures of her sensei performing …

MIFA-012 MIFA-014

… and my wife performing in her lovely kimono.

MIFA-022a MIFA-027a

MIFA-029a MIFA-031a

At the end of the show, the hosts interviewed both of them, in English and Japanese.


My wife’s many Japanese friends also came out to support and watch her.  They were all very nice and give her many gifts and flowers.


Although my wife said that she was very nervous, she did not show it and did a great job – I was so very proud of her, she looked beautiful!  You can follow her new blog called Sakura no Yume.

Stay tuned for Part 2 … the Kimono Show!


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