Starbucks Sakura

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season is several weeks away in Japan, but Starbucks has created two new drinks to commemorate this season with Sakura Steamer and Sakura Frappuccino.


This weekend, Starbucks was giving away free samples of Sakura Steamer at the Roppongi Hills Arena in Tokyo.



They even had a couple of musicians entertaining the crowd.


There were a few decorated tables to enjoy your free sample.



We really didn’t like the Sakura Steamer very much, it didn’t taste like coffee at all.


12 thoughts on “Starbucks Sakura

  1. A “steamer” is steamed milk with flavoring. That’s why it wasn’t called the “sakura latte”, and why it tasted nothing like coffee…

    Do they also have autumnal flavors for koyo season?

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Unfortunately, I am not currently living in Tokyo any longer (moved back home) so not sure if there are any new (or old) flavors for autumn.

      • Starbucks Japan currently has a “Hazelnut Coffee” for autumn.
        Maybe they sell it in other countries as well.

        They also have “Maccha (Green Tea) Coffee”.
        Seems odd to have a “tea flavored” coffee.
        But, anyways, maybe this one is “Japan only”.

        As I said above though, personally I don’t like Starbucks.

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