One of the most popular games released in 2009 is Bayonetta, an first person shooter for the Xbox360 and Playstation 3.


Developed by Japanese creator Hideki Kamiya, it is set in a fictional city in Europe and the game centers around the main character called Bayonetta, a shape-shifting witch, who uses pistols and magical attacks to defeat enemies.  The wallpaper below is from the official Bayonetta website.


This new character has now become popular with cosplayers and below are several from Comiket and Wonderfest in Tokyo.  Bayonettas everywhere!


Bayonetta-04 Bayonetta-05



Bayonetta-06 Bayonetta-08

Bayonetta-10 Bayonetta-11

Which one is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “Bayonetta

  1. Hi!
    I just found your blog by accident and I really, really like it! Thank you for all those nice pictures, videos and information! I wanted to ask you where you get all the dates of the matsuris from? I am visiting Japan and especially Tokyo really often and since I will be in Tokyo this August, I really want to see a lot of matsuris.
    Thanks for your help and keep going! ^__^

    Yours Momo from Germany

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