Chocolate Sparkling

With Valentine’s Day last Sunday, many women bought chocolates for loved ones and friends in Japan, as is the tradition.  So to mark the occasion and since I just tried Chocolate Beer last week, let’s try another chocolate flavored drink – Chocolate Sparkling!

Chocolate Sparkling

Made by Suntory, it is a mix of soda and chocolate, but it comes in a clear liquid as you can see from the picture above.  Amazingly, it taste exactly like chocolate, and surprising tasted pretty good – you would not think so with this weird combination.

This is certainly one of the strangest drinks I have had here in Japan, I am sure there are stranger ones still.  Cheers!


7 thoughts on “Chocolate Sparkling

  1. I found this stuff discounted at Jason’s for 55 yen, so I decided to try it. It’s like Hershey’s syrup mixed with club soda. Not bad, but not really chocolate. And not that refreshing, so I couldn’t chug the bottle if I was really thirsty.

    • 55 yen is a good price … must have not sold their stock so it did not sell well. I agree, it has a strong chocolatey taste to “chug” the bottle. Beer is great for chugging 🙂

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