Winter Olympics 2010

Google reminded me that the 2010 Winter Olympics is starting today in Vancouver, Canada.


Vancouver is a lovely city in the west coast of Canada and I am sure many Canadians are very proud today that our nation is hosting the Olympic games (Calgary and Montreal hosted previous Olympics in Canada).


Too bad we are far away living in Tokyo, but I’ll try to follow the games on Japanese TV.  Go Canada!


7 thoughts on “Winter Olympics 2010

  1. I’ve snowboarded at Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain. Both are awesome mountains, huge. The gondola ride to the top of Whistler was the longest I’ve ever been on. One problem though was it was wet. It rained on the lower slopes of the mountain and the snow was heavy. That is the one problem with Whistler being so close to the ocean and relatively low elevation. They are having the same problem this year at the Olympics. The best snow I’ve been on is Utah. Very light and fluffy. But I have never been to the Canadian Rockies either.

    • Well, the luge and the ski jump are the two most dangerous sports in the games, so you have to expect accidents at some point. The real surprise is that there haven’t been more injuries up to now. What concerns me is that the investigators say that it was the athlete’s fault for not slowing down properly in the last turns, and all they’re going to do is build up the wall a little bit. Makes it sound like they’re going to leave the door open for more accidents in these games.

    • @ tokyo5 Very sad and tragic indeed. How did you like the opening ceremonies?

      @TSOJ Yes, it is certainly one of the most dangerous sports. It looks like they are making some changes (lowering the start gate, adding more padding), but it will still be pretty dangerous though.

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