Daikoku Matsuri

The Daikoku Matsuri at Kanda Myojin Shrine, Chiyoda-ku is held early in the year as part of the New Year festivities, celebrated over the three days leading up to Coming of Age Day.



A person disguised as the deity of fortune shakes a lucky mallet over visitors’ heads.



One of the highlights is called the Hocho-shiki ritual, conducted by Shijo-ryu school of Japanese culinary arts to demonstrate Japanese knife techniques during the second day of the festival.





The head master of the Shijo-ryu school, dressed in traditional attire, skillfully slices a large carp on the chopping board, by only using a knife and chopsticks.



3 thoughts on “Daikoku Matsuri

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  2. That is some good slice and dice on that poor Carp . Can you tell me what are they going to do with that chopped up carp ? eat them ??!!

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