Clock Tokei

Previous blog posts were about Japanese girls (J-girls) apologizing and pretending to shave.  To continue this same theme, Bijin Tokei (beautiful women’s clock) is a site showing a different photograph every minute of a pretty Japanese girl around the streets of Tokyo holding a board with the current time.


There is also an iPhone app and a Google widget available. Due to its popularity, the makers decided to create a Gal clock (Shibuya girl fashion) …


… and a Circuit clock (Japanese Race Queen).


Read The Mainichi Daily News photo special titled “Telling the time Shibuya-style with the Gal Clock”.

Finally, while walking around Akihabara one recent weekend, a photographer was taking pictures of a maid holding up a board with the time – a Akihabara or maid version of the clock in the near future?  Maybe TSOJ with his Maid Runner blog may be able to find out.


5 thoughts on “Clock Tokei

  1. I’d seen the bijin clock a while back, and there was talk of having a “guys clock” site as well (which I think was completed a couple of months ago, but I don’t have so much interest in that). I’ll check the maids clock, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do come out with one. I’d expect that they’d have trouble getting 1440 maids, even in Akiba….

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