Drunken Salaryman in the Subway

Last month, I posted a blog about applying makeup in the subway featuring the latest manner poster from the Tokyo Metro subway.

As we near the end of the year this month, there are many bonenkai (known as forget the year parties) in Japan where mass quantities of alcoholic beverages are consumed.  The latest Tokyo Metro subway manner poster suggests that we do this at home – huh?


This is too funny – a drunk salaryman asleep on the subway floor still holding a beer can, one of his shoes and his briefcase scattered about (of course, he doesn’t need to worry as no one will steal his stuff).

Actually, you will find many sleeping people about, which has been photographed extensively by Kirainet.com on his blog, he is already in part 6.  Below is one pictures from his extensive collection.


Earlier this year, there was a similar Tokyo manner poster about drunken behavior in the subway.


You can also find many pictures from Flcker as shown below.

Drunk Guy on Marunouchi Line


7 thoughts on “Drunken Salaryman in the Subway

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I actually follow JapanSugoi (Everything Cool About Japan … great tagline) and did see this funny article – thanks for posting it here.

  1. OMG!
    I was just looking up your blog during work…
    Then, these photos coming up…

    NO WAY!!
    I burst into a laughter!! Are they real?!
    Tokyo metro should have used these photos :p

  2. Great post!

    And while I realize you’re back in Canada, given out connection to Japan and your kick-ass sense of humor, I was wondering if I could provide you with a copy of my new book – American MaleWhore in Tokyo – and if you get some good laughs out of it, I’d be grateful for a shout out or review.

    It’s a juvenile/explicit comedy that sheds light on Japan and its culture in general as well as the dazzling yet seedy culture of host clubs. As I’m sure you know, the job duties of hosts include getting paid by women to party, flirt, and quite often sleep with them. And as we’ve seen, some of these guys make astounding amounts of money while doing astounding amounts of damage to their livers.

    If you’re interested, you can find me at john.box68@gmail.com

    John Box

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