Philips Arcitec Electric Shaver

Last week, I blogged about an interactive website of Japanese women apologizing to commemorate Apology Day on December 10.

In a similar theme but a completely different context, Philips has just released a new interactive website of 20 Japanese women pretending to shave with a razor as a promotion for the their new Arcitec electric shaver.  Check out if you must.


You have until January 11 to vote for your favorite model and the winner will be crowned the Hige-Sori Queen.  Below is a picture of the Philips Arcitec electric shaver taken from the Philips website.



3 thoughts on “Philips Arcitec Electric Shaver

  1. Actually, it’s pretty funny watching them pretending to use the thing. Most of them can’t even imagine how to shave with it. I like the one woman that pokes herself in the nose with the razor and then stares down at it thinking “how rude”.

  2. Hey there.. thanks for the article. I was researching the same exact info today and found out about your neat little website from Yahoo. Kinda interesting to see how I was trying to find something and it just appeared in front of me.=P

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