Heirinji Temple

The Heirinji Temple is located in the city of Niiza in the Musashino area of the Kanto plain, northwest of central Tokyo near Saitama.


Very large crowds flock the temple during spring, which flourishes with cherry blossoms, and now in autumn, where the many different species of trees to provide a kaleidoscope of colors.



Set in a preserved section of Musashino’s indigenous forest (which has since been declared a national treasure), this Zen Buddhist temple of the Rinzai tradition was originally built in 1375.



The two-storied Sanmon gate, the Hando main hall and inner gate were originally built in the mid-17th century during the Edo period and feature thatched roofs.




The temple bell, along with these cherry blossoms, was the inspiration for Toshi Yoshida’s Heirinji Temple Bell woodblock print.  Pictured below is the same temple along with autumn leaves.

temple_bell Heirinji03

On the far left as you enter the temple is the hansobo, a small shrine contained within the temple grounds.


Past the inner gate, you will find the the Butsuden prayer hall, where you may find monks meditating and chanting in prayer.




A statue of Kannon a goddess of mercy can be found near a small pond.



A stunning village of old tombstones emerges in the woods – the graveyard of the Matsudaira family.


It’s fall in Japan, leaves are the turning color and in most cases have fallen to the ground.  Are you enjoying the fall colors in your neck of the woods?



8 thoughts on “Heirinji Temple

      • It was amazing. There was one tree that was especially beautiful, having 3 colours. The leaves closest to the trunk were green, then yellow, and then at the tips of the branches, red. It’ll be a while before my photos are up. I don’t have much time before my holiday, but I’ll see what I can do this weekend. But in that case, it’ll be summer pictures 🙂 I’m 4 months behind on my pictures.

    • Thanks – it’s easy to take good pictures with great scenery and colors. The challenge was to avoid taking pictures of the crowds so my camera was usually pointed upwards 🙂

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