Digital Photo Frame

Our thoughtful nephew who recently stayed with us in Tokyo gave us a digital photo frame as a gift – a Sony 10 inch S-Frame (Model DPF-V1000) Digital Photo Frame.  Thanks C!

Sony Digital Photo Frame 1

The Sony 10-inch Digital Photo Frame highlights include:

  • 10.2-inch Super Clear Photo WVGA resolution LCD (widescreen)
  • HDMI output to HDTV
  • Auto Image Correction/Auto Dimmer/Auto Image Rotation
  • 1 GB memory (2000 photos) with search function
  • Alarm function
  • Search function
  • Direct USB input from most digital cameras and support for most memory cards
  • Remote control

I take a lot of pictures (that’s an under-statement – I go for quantity instead of quality) so I loaded our family pictures into a spare 2 GB SD card, inserted it the digital frame and now we can see all our pictures from Japan and our Asia trips any time, all the time.  There are also lots of display options – go wild!

Sony Digital Photo Frame 2

We really love this digital frame, what a wonderful gift!  Do you have a digital photo frame?

8 thoughts on “Digital Photo Frame

  1. A co-worker bought a 7″ frame a few weeks ago to give to relatives in the Philippines as a gift, and had it in the office to test it out. It got me to thinking that I should get one as well, but I haven’t committed yet. One of the shops in Akihabara has a 7″ frame for 4000 yen. I’m limited on space, so I’m not sure a 10″ frame would be a good buy.

    • I am sure the prices of these frames will go down in time. Also, I think you can also mount these on the wall (like a picture frame) if you are short in space (assuming you are not short on wall space), at least the one I have you can.

  2. My parents had one and I saw it this summer, and I thought: I need to get one of those! The prices are getting cheaper all the time too. That said, I bet your Sony is superb. Even the calendar looks crisp!

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