2 Years Working in Japan

This week marks my 2nd year working in Japan.  Last year, I posted my updated impressions of the working environment in this blog, as an follow-up to my initial impressions.

Today a year later, I really have nothing new to add.  I guess I am more comfortable in the working environment here, I feel like a regular salaryman.  One real disappointment is my inability to learn Japanese, my bad.

Finally, this week, I learned that my 2 year assignment to Japan has been officially extended to the end of June 2010.

Hooray, my excellent Japanese adventure continues!  So dear reader, you have to endure another 8 months or so of boring writing and pictures (I know I have a very factual writing and picture-taking style, not at all creative or entertaining – that’s my wife’s forte).

8 thoughts on “2 Years Working in Japan

  1. Great! I’m glad to hear you’re staying another 8 months. And I’m jealous of your view. I live in a little 2 storey apartment building with a view of another 2 storey apartment building and a parking lot.

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