Applying Makeup in the Subway

Every month, Tokyo Metro posts a new subway manner poster in their station as I wrote about last year in a blog post titled Tokyo Subway Manner Posters.  For some strange reason, I look forward to the first day of every month when the latest poster appears (yea, my life is boring).  You can find it here, along with all the older posters if you are interested.

Well, this month (November 2009, below left) features a reminder to apply makeup at home, not on the trains, a similar poster appeared over a year ago (May 2008, below right).

manner200911_pic Tokyo-subway-manner-5

Anyway, below are two pictures that I took with my cell phone camera – I guess they didn’t read the posters.

SBSH0011 SBSH0017

Have you seen women applying their makeup in the subway or trains in your neck of the woods?  If yes, is it a common occurrence?  Personally, it does not bother me, but then I am probably either sleeping or watching a podcast on my iTouch.

13 thoughts on “Applying Makeup in the Subway

  1. I see it all the time, at least once a week. I always wonder how many of them accidentally poke their eye when the train turns sharply or the driver accelerates or slows down abruptly.

  2. It’s fairly common between 4 PM and 6 PM, when the office women get out of work and head to the night clubs. They primp themselves during the commute. It doesn’t really bother me, but it’s not something I care to watch. There’s something kind of sad and superficial about it.

    There was an article in the Japan Times about these posters 1 or 2 weeks ago, and how, while they’re really popular with tourists, they don’t seem to be effective against the behavior they’re highlighting. In typical JT form, the paper then ran some “on the street” interviews about the ads, with the responses including “I’ve never seen anyone putting makeup on, on the train” and “they should take the money spent on the posters and use it to put suicide watch people on every platform in the city”.

      • Well, the thing that got me with the one reply was that someone thought so much money was being spent on the posters that the city would be able to hire full-time suicide wardens for all of the platforms in Tokyo. Even if it were affordable, it’s not feasible.

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