2009 Global Gender Gap Report


A few days ago, the World Economic Forum officially published its 2009 Global Gender Gap Report which gives insight into the equality divides between women and men in 134 countries around the world.  The top 10 are:

  1. Iceland
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
  4. Sweden
  5. N. Zealand
  6. S. Africa
  7. Denmark
  8. Ireland
  9. Philippines
  10. Lesotho

The top 4 are Nordic countries, while the Philippines remained the top Asian country.  According to the report, “more than two-thirds have posted gains in overall index scores, indicating that the world in general has made progress towards equality between men and women, although there are countries that continue to lose ground.”

Japan was ranked 75th, one of the lowest among developed nations, but “having climbed 23 places in the rankings, boosted by a narrower the gap among legislators, senior officials, and managers as well as professional and technical workers’ positions.  Japan is now closer to the OECD average on this variable.”

Below is a YouTube video is a short interview with Saadia Zahidi, co-author of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2009 and Head of the Forum’s Women Leaders and Gender Parity Programme.


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