Pepsi Azuki

Earlier this summer, I tried Pepsi Shiso and didn’t like it at all.  Well, Pepsi has just created a new flavor called Pepsi Azuki as Tokyo Five wrote about a few weeks ago.

Pepsi Azuki

Azuki is a red bean (hence, the red color of the drink) which is popular in East Asia, especially in China and Japan as red bean paste and a filling in sweets.  According to Wikipedia, “in Japan, rice with azuki beans is traditionally cooked for auspicious occasions. Azuki beans are also used to produce amanattō, and as a popular flavour of ice cream.” (Picture below of azuki bean also courtesy of Wikipedia).

Azuki beans

The whole family tried it with mixed opinions.  My son didn’t like it, but my wife and I didn’t think it was too bad (certainly better than Pepsi Shiso for sure).  I do love red beans and it does somewhat have this taste in the drink, but it is still strange to have this flavor in a cola.

In Japan, I guess we should look forward to next flavored cola drink.  Have you tried Pepsi Azuki and what did you think of it?


11 thoughts on “Pepsi Azuki

  1. I liked it and so did my daughters. My youngest (3 1/2) can’t get enough of it! I let her have a sip or two when I drink it, and I’ve bought a few bottles to keep until my husband gets back home. I doubt he’ll like it, so that’ll mean more for me!

    I think I like this more than the Shiso because the flavor isn’t as strong.

    • Thanks for commenting Katie.

      I also follow your blog as well (I have it on my RSS feed) and just read your post on Pepsi Azuki. Looks like this is your favorite so far (well, maybe until the next one comes along … lol).

      • It’s a close tie with the Blue Hawaii. I wish I bought more bottles of that last summer!

        I’m not sure about feeds and all that stuff, so I come to your blog every couple of days to see if you added anything 🙂

  2. As always, very interesting!

    I think there could be a whole blog devoted to how major food brands innovate in different parts of the world, and why. It certainly seems like Pepsi Japan is very innovative. There are innovations with Pepsi here in Canada, too, but nothing as unique as these Japanese varieties.


    And yes, I vote for beer, too! lol!

    • Speaking of major food brands, don’t get me started on KitKat – there are even more varieties of this.

      The latest is Ginger Ale flavored Kitkat, which I had bought together with the Pepsi Azuki naturally, but I haven’t tried it yet.

      Maybe you should do a series of all the beer brands (we certainly have a lot, with all the micro-breweries) and wines in Canada as Tokyo Five has done with beer in Japan 🙂

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  5. Is there anyway to import this drink or the other Pepsi flavors to America? I’m curious because I saw a few videos from Lukemorse1 about them and I thought they’d be interesting to try out.(For the record he tried Azuki and Shiso)

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