Super Typhoon Melor

It has been raining all week in Tokyo in advance of Super Typhoon Melor, which is heading to Japan after storms wreaked devastation in the Philippines, Taiwan and other neighboring islands.


Melor is packing gusts of up to 252 kilometers (156 miles) per hour.typhoonmelor1005

Melor is scheduled to hit Tokyo on Thursday.  Run for the hills!


7 thoughts on “Super Typhoon Melor

  1. Melor is passing by…crazy wind ryt now…strong gusts! It needs to stay the heck away from us here in Oki…go east Melor!

  2. I had no problems getting to work. The train I take to work was one of the few lines still running. I mostly slept through the whole typhoon, though I did wake up once to the sound of heavy rain and strong wind.

  3. Some rain the night before. Heavy winds that morning that woke me up too early. Then occasional heavy winds during most of the day. The only reason I cared was that I wanted to get in some bike riding for exercise, given the perfectly clear sky, but I wouldn’t have stayed on the road for very long when a big gust hit. Sigh. I hope that the weather stays good for Tuesday. I want to ride the 30 miles out to Oome.

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