These Shoes Are Made for Walking

It’s been almost 2 years since I arrived in Tokyo from Canada.  Before coming to Japan, I bought a new pair of ECCO black dress shoes in Canada which I have worn almost daily to work in Tokyo.  Business attire in Japan is typically dark suits.

The shoes cost about $200 (20,000 yen) but you really get what you pay for.  After two years, walking about 1 hour in the hard (and sometimes very hot) Tokyo pavement everyday, I noticed the soles of my shoes are still in great shape, even though the inside is a little worn as you can see in the picture below.


I am very happy with this pair of shoes, they are quite comfortable.  This is the only pair of ECCO shoes that I own (I don’t own too many shoes to begin with – I’m no Imelda Marcos).

On the ECCO website, it states that “ECCO is a global leader in the production of high quality footwear with a focus on providing exceptional comfort with style. We take pride in the attention to detail, high quality materials and cutting edge technology that our footwear represents.”  I tend to agree.


4 thoughts on “These Shoes Are Made for Walking

  1. I’m not sure what shoes I’ve got. I bought some high-priced leather-soled shoes before coming to Japan and the soles wore out even before I left the U.S. I picked up a cheap pair of dressy-looking shoes with rubber soles last year and they’ve held out pretty well. Unfortunately, the material for the tops of the shoes seems to have bleached a lot in the last 6 months.

    • With all the walking and the rain (as we have had last week), dress shoes really take a beating, top and bottom (soles). As you can see in the picture, mine seems to have held up pretty well.

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