Visit to Toronto

Arrived safely in Toronto for a short one week visit during Japan’s Silver Week.  It was a long 12 hour flight (yay, for direct flights, boo for economy class) from the very crowded Tokyo Narita to Toronto Pearson Airport, an uneventful and safe flight, watched 4 movies.

I am now getting re-acquainted with the house, last time we were here was January 1, 2008 so it has almost been 1 year and 9 months.  My wife’s parents have been living here while we were away, so we have telephone and TV services, but no Internet connection (disconnected it when we left).  So during this short visit, I am trying to connect to various open wireless networks from my unsuspecting neighbors – shh, please don’t tell them.  For now, I have intermittent and slow Internet connection.

Finally, we have no car (sold them when we left for Japan) so we are getting rides from our relatives and I’ll try to bike around the neighborhood.

My wife and I already miss Tokyo!  We’ll be back soon though.


6 thoughts on “Visit to Toronto

  1. Hey, once one would borrow sugar from the neighbors: now we borrow wireless!

    After all those flights, you must be totally up to date on recent movies!

  2. Now back in Tokyo. It was a little strange during my week stay in Toronto – no Internet, no cell phone, no cars. It was like living in the dark ages 🙂 No big complaints though from me cause I was born in the dark ages.

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