Happy Birthday Doraemon!

Doraemon, the beloved cat robot from Japan, was born (or created?) on September 3rd 2112, at the Matsushiba Robot Factory.  Google updated their home page to celebrate this special day.


This year marks 40 years since the Doraemon manga was first published, and 30 years since the beginning of the anime series produced by Shin-Ei Animation.

To commemorate this anniversary, there was a Doraemon event held at the Roppongi Hills Arena earlier this summer.


There were a few Doraemon amusement type slides.

IMG_4471 IMG_4475

And Doraemon showed up to the delight of the little children.


Happy –103rd Birthday, Doraemon 🙂

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Doraemon!

  1. Also…

    I like Doraemon…but I never heard of him until I came to Japan.

    Did you know about Doraemon before you came to Tokyo?
    Do you watch the show?

    (He loves dora-yaki (that’s how he got his name)…do you like dora-yaki?
    It’s a tasty snack!)

    • I learned about Doraemon the first time I came here, back in 1992. When I saw the anime on TV, I felt it was a bit too childish for me. My opinion hasn’t changed since then, so I still don’t watch it. But, I am interested in the history of anime and manga, and Doraemon’s creator has been revered because of his contributions to the field.

      Happy Birthday, D-man!

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