Earthquake in Japan

Our family was enjoying a quiet Sunday evening in our Tokyo apartment preparing for our short trip to Singapore the next day when an earthquake hit Japan.  The high rise building shook and our lighting fixture swayed for over a minute – it was very scary indeed!

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reported a 6.9 magnitude earthquake occurred at 19:56 JST south of the Japan islands at a depth of 340 km.  In Tokyo, a JMA Seismic Intensity of 4 was recorded, although it felt stronger than that.


No injuries or damage reported so far.  No power or service interruptions in our building, TV and the Internet was still working so I went to Twitter and searched for “earthquake” and “Tokyo”.


You gotta love the post “Great instincts, Tokyo. First tweet, then duck for cover”.  That’s too funny!


15 thoughts on “Earthquake in Japan

    • We flew from Tokyo to Singapore this morning in the pouring rain and it was the bumpiest airplane ride we have experienced ever.

      We are now safely in Singapore and will be visiting this fair city/country for a few days.

      • I was wondering about that. You said you were flying today. Good thing you’re in Singapore safely. Enjoy Singapore!

        By the way, it hasn’t rained much in the Tokyo area this afternoon or evening, but it’s supposed to be an incredible downpour in the next few hours.

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  2. Scary stuff. Glad to hear that you and your family are safe. My wife’s aunt was living in Japan a few years ago, and in her first earthquake, in the wee hours, she left home in a hurry, wearing only her PJs, covered by a blanket, to find out that nobody else bothered going outside. Then she learned that most people in Japan are used to the small ones and don’t panick anymore.

    I loved Singapore, I think you’ll enjoy it too.

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